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About Tina


How I Got Started

In 2003 B.J.C. (before jewelry career), I went searching for a mom’s jewelry design for myself....murky territory for someone who doesn’t wear jewelry. One night about a week into my search, a vision of a bracelet popped up in my dream. Search over.


My Journey

Self-taught since the morning after my dream, I've created a sentimental jewelry artpreneurship that has touched many lives. My work continues to be directed by dreams and serendipitous moments. It's influenced by my patient family, amazing circle of friends and supportive customers. 

I'm a mom of two children. My work would not exist without them. I have the most gratitude for these beautiful beings and am in love with the path they put me on. 


My Process

There are many details associated with my work. The process from a placed order to a completed order can take several weeks. Informed customers are happy customers. Please read my customer service page before placing an order and ask me questions if you are unsure of anything. Thank you!

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