It happened in the most quiet, darkest part of the night after her insomnia finally gave in & let her slip into that calm, creative dream state. Vivid images of beautiful pieces of life, objects & memories flashed quickly in her meandering mind. When she awoke, she felt the strongest pull towards manifesting this dream. "I don't know how to do it, but I'll figure it out." Armed with the most compelling feelings of happiness that any dreamer-turned-doer can have, Tina made her first piece of jewelry within 24 hours of that dream. The rest is "herstory." Read more from Tina below...

In 2003 B.J.C. (before jewelry career), I went searching for a mom’s bracelet for myself....murky territory for someone who doesn’t wear jewelry. One night about a week into my search, a vision of a bracelet popped up in my dream. Search over.

Self-taught since the morning after that dream, I've created a special niche based on an intuitive perception of what my customers covet: simple, yet unordinary & personaized jewelry that has an positive emotional effect for years to come. Sweet stuff.

What started as an abstract moment in my sleep has flourished into a dynamic artpreneurship that has touched many lives. My work continues to be dictated by dreams, serendipitous moments & life. It's influenced by my beautiful & patient family, amazing circle of friends & supportive customers. My personal approach is born from a rich upbringing in a large Mexican-Italian family that instilled the gifts of wicked humor, a strong work ethic & a love of diversity. Priceless.

My style is born from old souls who insist on jewelry that captures a look from days long gone. Timeless.

As a more personal note, I'm a mom of two children. My jewelry work would not exist without them. I have the most gratitude for these beautiful beings and am in love with the path they put me on.