1. Personal Concept
To create unordinary jewelry. Tina Steinberg creates from her intuition and is spot on in her original ideas. She translates her innovations into timelessly fashionable works of personal art that become her customers' favorite pieces. She also writes poetry and includes her writings on some of her designs.

2. Personal Faves
Vintage finds, antiqued silver, anything organic looking with a little zing. She also loves to mix a little of her Latin heritage flair into some of her work.

3. How This Jewelry Thing Happened
Never wore jewelry nor noticed it on others, but had a dream one night about an idea for a special piece for herself. Not one to follow trends, she lets her dreams and unplanned moments dictate her creations.

4. Personal Life
Married a mensch she met at work before sexual harrassment became unpopular. Proud mom of two hopefully-not-too-obedient children. Comes from a family where hard work, wicked humor, real Mexican food and tequila all make a good day.

5. Personal Wish
To drive a convertible mini-van........seriously.

6. Personal Addictions
Ms. Pac-Man, internet shoe-shopping, French lemon tarts, cool pens, the smell of Play Doh, green shirts, other people's curly hair, cupcakes, tonic facial misters.

7. First Job
Worked at Baskin-Robbins for one year and did not gain a pound, but did get high cholesterol and a huge forearm.

8. Secret Obsession
Pomegranates. Tina secretly hopes that no one will buy her pomegranate-themed jewelry so that she can keep it.

9. Proud Admission
Doesn't like sushi and has happily come to terms with this after several failed attempts to like it. What's the deal with all the sushi etiquette anyway? Dios mio....

10. Bad Habits



In 2003 B.J.C. (before jewelry career), Tina went searching for a mom’s bracelet for herself....murky territory for someone who doesn’t wear jewelry. One night about a week into her search, a vision of a bracelet popped up in her dream. Search over.

Self-taught since the morning after that dream, Tina has created a special niche based on an intuitive perception of what her customers covet: simple, yet unordinary personal jewelry. Don’t let the word simple fool you...that which draws your eye is an appeal that comes from unique and understated combinations of materials often centered around her handmade pendants and charms. Good stuff.

What started as an abstract moment in her sleep has flourished into a dynamic artpreneurship that has touched many lives. Tina’s work continues to be dictated by her dreams and serendipitous moments. It is also influenced by her beautiful & patient husband and children, amazing circle of friends and supportive customers. Her personal approach is born from her rich upbringing in a large Mexican-Italian family that instilled the gifts of wicked humor, a strong work ethic and a love of diversity. Priceless.

As a side note, Tina is pretty sure her soul is recycled from some good and noteworthy folks from days long gone.....not sure who, but they insist on jewelry that captures a look from days long gone. Timeless.